Light Eyes

Light Colored Eyes? You Could Be at Greater Risk

We’re exposed to UV light on a daily basis. Now while it may be what gives us those great tans in the summer, it can also be very damaging to our skin and our eyes, especially those whose eyes are lighter colors. It turns out that having lighter colored eyes can actually mean you are…

UV Rays

Darkness vs. Protection: Darker Lenses Don’t Block UV Rays Better

Exposure to ultraviolet rays can be harmful not just to our skin, but also to our eyes. Luckily, wearing the right sunglasses can help you avoid problems, while also keeping you looking stylish. Choosing the best pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes does not have to break the bank, though. Sunglasses can be incredibly…

Sunglasses in Autumn

Autumn Brings Cooler Temps, But UV Rays Still a Factor

As summer turns into autumn, you will undoubtedly notice the cooler temperatures and the shorter days. If there is any danger associated with this seasonal transition, it is that many people believe that just because the sun appears less prominent, that we are less susceptible to the dangerous UV rays that the sun emits. If…

Polycarbonate Lenses

Advantages of Polycarbonate Lenses

One of the strongest and safest materials on the market, polycarbonate material offers exceptional strength and resilience. According to a Vision Service Plan article on the topic, polycarbonate was originally designed for canopies covering cockpits in fighter planes, offering an impact-resistant, yet optically clear window. In the 1970s, NASA used polycarbonate material to construct visors…

Kids and Sunglasses

Tips to Get Your Children to Wear Their Sunglasses

As a parent, it can be tough to be vigilant about everything. Of course, you want the best for your children, but some things just slip through the cracks – and one of those things often seems to be sunglasses. When you are out walking on a sunny day, you will notice most adults wearing…

Back to School Sunglasses

Order Glasses Now for Back to School

It’s officially the back-to-school season, and you know what that means: it’s time to start shopping to make sure your kids are prepared for the school year! While you’re purchasing new clothes, notebooks and binders, don’t forget to think about your kids’ back-to-school eyewear needs. Even though it’s the end of the summer season, your…

Back to School Contest

Go Back to School with Real Kids Shades!

Calling all Real Shades lovers: It’s back-to-school season, and here at Real Kids Shades, we think that means it’s the perfect time of year for a little contest that shows off your back-to-school style! Want to learn how to enter? We know each and every one of our many customers has a unique style that’s…

History of Sunglasses

Looking Back: A Review of the Evolution of Sunglasses

On our blog this summer, we’ve been focusing on the importance of sunglasses and how they can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that could lead to photokeratitis, or sunburn of the eye. Have you ever wondered, though, who was the first person invent eyewear to block the sun’s rays? The earliest form of…


Photokeratitis: Know the Signs

We’ve blogged about photokeratitis before, and discussed the long-term damage that can occur to your eyes if they are not protected from the harmful rays of the sun. But do you know the signs and symptoms of photokeratitis? It’s important to be able to identify the early warning signs and symptoms of this UV damage…

Settings that Can Increase UV Risk

Five Factors that Can Amplify Your Risk in the Sun

We’ve talked about why the sun’s rays are harmful to your eyes and your child’s sensitive eyes, and some safety measures you can take to protect yourself and your family. Today, we’re taking it one step further to talk about some risk factors that could potentially amplify the powerful and harmful rays of the sun…

Importance of Sun Protection

New Campaign Highlights Risks of Kids’ Sunburns

We’ve been blogging about the long-term health risks that you and your children can face after being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun without the proper protection, like sunglasses and sunscreen. A new campaign spearheaded by Mollie’s Fund strives to make those risks more obvious with a new campaign that offers a more…

Radiation Rays

Understanding UV: Differences between UVA and UVB (and UVC)

When it comes to UV rays, many people know that they are a dangerous radiation that comes from sunlight, but less well known are the differences and the damages they can cause to our skin and eyes. As part of UV Safety Awareness Month, let’s take a closer look at the three types of UV…

UV Safety Awareness

July Is UV Safety Awareness Month

Now that summer is just around the corner, it can be easy for us to find ourselves spending quite an amount of time out in the sun. Unfortunately, all of that fun can lead to our bodies being exposed to damaging UV rays. If you are unsure of how much risk you are at from…


Going Camping? Don’t Forget the Shades!

Camping is the American family summer vacation pastime. Not only is camping affordable, it is fun for both kids and adults, too! When you find yourself packing for yourself and your children, it is only natural to forget a few things due to your hectic lifestyle. One thing you do not want to forget, though,…

Importance of Sun Protection

Decisions, Decisions: A Guide to Choosing Sunglasses for Kids

When you pick out your new pair of summer frames, don’t forget to shop for your kids, too! Children’s eyes are the most sensitive to harmful sun damage, which can cause real problems later in life, from macular degeneration to cataracts and surface eye diseases like burns or dry eye. Not only is it important…

Kids and Sunglasses

Make Your Child Love Getting Glasses

We understand. Nobody truly WANTS to get glasses – especially kids. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma for children when they need glasses, which can cause some anxiety when the infamous “glasses day” rolls around. Although your child may initially fight you on needing glasses, there are some awesome ways you can help him or…


Getting in the Habit of Wearing Sunglasses Starts in Youth

Humans are creatures of habit. When you start developing habits when you are very young, like the way you learn to tie your shoes or which side of your mouth you brush first, those habits stay with you well into adulthood. Sun protection is no exception. If you started wearing sunglasses when you were young,…

Importance of Sunglasses

Importance of Sunglasses in Preventing Melanoma

With summer close, the sun is already shining more often around the country. Even though the sun may feel good, we’re exposing ourselves to UVA and UVB rays when basking in the sunlight – rays that can cause damage to our eyes and even result in ocular melanoma. This form of cancer begins in the…

Vision Month

May is Healthy Vision Month

The summer provides the perfect time to play and explore outdoors. There is nothing children like more than going to the park, building sandcastles on the beach during vacation, riding their bikes, and hiking through the woods. However, with great summer fun also comes the risks of dangerous UV rays to watch out for. In…

Real Kids Shades

Pin to Win this Summer with Real Kids Shades

Grab the kids and pack up the van: it’s family vacation time! When the kids are finally out of school and the boss gives you a week off in the summer, it’s time to hit the highway for a much-needed getaway, and this summer you can get kick start your vacation with help from Real…